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Arborgate Media brings myth and new media together. We explore new myths and the art of stop motion animation.

What happens when the heart 
is turned to stone?
Can Nadia, Georgeonus 
and the Silver Witch
rescue the children’s hearts? 
              Find out in Part II! 


A growing evil will use magic 
to steal the hearts of children.  
Can they be saved? From Award Winning Author W Altshuler 
comes Book IV in 
The Evergreen Series
 Now in Paperback

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             Now in Paperback            
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From Midwest Book Review: "...a fantasy novel meant for young adults but appealing to readers and fantasy fans of all ages, following the adventures of a young boy, his close friend, and the bond he shares with a tree come to life...and of the mysterious Nadia, who begins searching for her own heart and memory yet finds her purpose in rescuing the hearts of others. An emotionally moving, uplifting, and wholesome fable." 

Fantastical Journey of a Young Heroine 

By Ms. Rita

Format:Kindle Edition

. . . Altshuler has created appealing and sympathetic characters to weave a spirited and haunting tale with much symbolism and beauty. This series will appeal to adults and teens alike but may not be suitable for younger readers.


By roseshadows

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

. . .This novel is about a twelve year old girl who goes on a fantastical journey to find her heart which is missing and is well told. The writing has a softness that carries you along with Nadia as she encounters wonderful but sometimes scary places  . . .This is a story that would suit most age groups but may be too frightening for younger readers; the depictions of some of the characters spooked me! There is a message I feel within the story and I would definitely call this a `page-turner' and look forward to reading more.

Haunting Tale of Fantasy 

By Wendy Unsworth

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Nadia . .  travels to the Land of Silence, where the secret to her past lies, and finds terrible things there and some answers those these are not fully explained in this, part one, of the story. . .From the outset there is a moody atmosphere that reminded me very much of European folk tales, something like Hansel and Gretel or Rumplestiltskin in tone. Often, those kind of stories have very dark undertones and though they are enjoyed by children on one level have much more depth and scope.

Engaging Story 

By Kate Harper

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

. . .I was fully in for the ride with Nadia to discover her past and find her heart. There is plenty of action, interesting worlds, discovery and magic. 

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